Building the Future of a Growing Market

The data center construction market has been growing for years and is expected to continue growing through the rest of the decade. As people spend more and more of their lives in the digital world, more facilities are needed to store their data, which requires real-world expertise.  At Gregory Construction, we have extensive experience constructing […]

Differentiation: Beyond the Numbers

True differentiation in the construction business is difficult. In a world where decisions and awards too often come down to the lowest bidder, decision-makers rarely look past the numbers. Those of us working in the construction industry know all too well that true success, customer satisfaction, and even profitability depend on more than just numbers. […]

That Which Is Measured Improves

Karl Pearson was an English mathematician in the 1850s. If you struggled in your college Statistics course, feel free to blame him (among others most likely) because he invented it. Despite how you might feel about correlations, standard deviations, and sampling errors, Professor Pearson left us with a useful and challenging quote: “That which is […]

We Can’t Do It Alone: Why We’re Part of C12

How the C12 Community Is Helping Us Build a Great Company for a Greater Purpose Excellence is one of our core values. And to us, it goes much deeper than just an aspirational word or high-level description. Excellence drives our daily commitment to always deliver the very best value to our customers. It also creates […]

Workplace Violence: How Gregory Construction Creates a Safe Work Environment

Workplace violence is still one of the leading causes of fatal occupational incidents on job sites currently, coming in at third overall. A lot of workers report workplace violence encounters each year; however, even more cases do not get reported at all. Gregory Construction has worked the last 158,618 Man-Hours without a recordable incident. While […]