Gregory Construction is in Columbus, Mississippi.

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Every Monday we start the week with a company-wide devotional and staff meeting! We go over what is happening within each department and what is being estimated for the week. We make sure that everyone is up to date on the latest safety requirements and we check in with our on-site or remote personnel via Zoom! We are proud of our team. #gregoryteam #construction #structure #team #teamgregory #dirtwork #gregoryconstruction #infrastructure #concretelife #buildalabama #buildtennessee #buildgeorgia #buildmississippi #mississippimade #siteconstruction #concrete #constructionlife

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This summer we celebrated our employee birthdays with a Fish Fry! We had a great time celebrating with everyone and eating some great food. #gregoryteam #construction #structure #team #teamgregory #birthdays #gregoryconstruction #infrastructure #concretelife #buildalabama #buildtennessee #buildgeorgia #buildmississippi #mississippimade #dirtwork #siteconstruction #concrete #constructionlife #family

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We are extremely proud to announce that Thomas Glenn, our Project Manager of wastewater structure for the Department of Energy is the winner of the 2020 American Society of Concrete Contractors Gaining Strength Award!! The recipient of this award is knowledgeable and skilled, committed to safety awareness in construction, acts as a role model within their company, and displays exceptional participation in the industry. Thomas is a member of ASCC and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and we are so

Gregory Construction is at Embassy Suites by Hilton Tuscaloosa Alabama Downtown.

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We use the "Traction" model (based on the book by Gino Wickman) to develop and drive our organizational strategy. At our quarterly "Rock" meetings, our entire leadership team meets for a full day to measure progress, set priorities for the next quarter, and address issues standing in the way of success. We partner with Active8 and Bill Neiland to help guide us through this ongoing process. #gregoryteam #construction #structure #teamgregory #strategy #gregoryconstruction #infrastructure #concrete #constructionlife #dirtwork #siteconstruction #concretelife #buildalabama #buildtennessee

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At Gregory Construction, our employees are our greatest asset, and keeping them safe is a priority, a value, and a guiding principle. We have programs in place that allow employees to be involved in all aspects of safety from site monitoring (through the “Safety Sam” program) to being a member of the Gregory Safety Committee. Safety means maintaining a continuous awareness of issues and taking immediate action to ensure that no one is adversely affected. Safety is deeply embedded in

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This week is Construction Safety Week! Safety in our offices and on our job sites is a top priority at Gregory Construction and we take it seriously. We constantly strive to improve awareness and prevent accidents with daily education meetings, training programs, planning, and incentives. Safety is top of mind at Gregory Construction and is the core of who we are. This week means a lot to us. You can learn more about it at! Construction Safety Week #constructionsafetyweek

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It's Construction Appreciation Week! We want to send out a huge thank you to each one of our team members for the hard work that they do every day at Gregory Construction. The buildings we work and live in, the cell phone towers that power our connectivity, and the roads and bridges that transport us ALL depend on the development and empowerment of the construction industry workforce. Learn more about Construction Appreciation Week at! #gregoryteam #construction #structure #team #teamgregory

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It's #CraftworkerWednesday! This week we hear from Matt Patrick, our Lead Mechanic at Gregory Construction. Let's learn more about him!⠀ Q. Do you have a favorite project type? A. I really enjoy rebuilding things. Q. What do you like most about working at Gregory Construction? A. My favorite part about Gregory Construction is the Christian and family atmosphere. Q. What has been your most rewarding project? A. I have worked on a lot of projects back in the shop, but

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Labor Day is a deeply rooted historical holiday honoring the American worker and everything he or she has done to make our lives what they are today! Construction workers in particular are the symbol of hard work and are the backbone of our cities, roads, and infrastructures. We want to thank each person on the Gregory team for your hard work and dedication! Today is for YOU. Have a safe and happy Labor Day! Learn more about this history of

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The Three Gorges Dam in China is the world's largest concrete structure, consuming 35 million cubic yards of concrete! Limited hydroelectric power production began in 2003 and gradually increased until 2012 when all of the dam’s 32 turbine generator units were operating. Those units, along with 2 additional generators, make it the most productive hydroelectric dam in the world! #nowyouknow #ThreeGorgesDam #concrete #concretelife #construction #constructionlife #structure #gregoryconstruction #infrastructure #water #power #hydropower #hydroelectric #dirtwork #siteconstruction